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The Information You Get

Looking Up Your Phone's IMEI Number Allows For Retrieval Of Information About Your Phone That Can Be Very Useful

- Some Of The Information your Receive Is Explained Below-

Unlock Status

With our IMEI checker you are able to see whether your phone is locked or unlocked and to which carrier. This is especially useful in the case of international travel where you would like to use an international carrier on your phone.

Carrier Check

The IMEI lookup also provides you with information regarding which cell phone carrier (company) the phone is locked to, purchased from, etc. This service is especially useful when trying to know which unlocking service you need.

Warranty Information

The IMEI lookup information also provides you with warranty information. This includes the date when the manufacturer warranty on your phone expires. Such information is useful when trying to make decisions about phone repair options.

Other Included Information

Other information retrieved via IMEI lookup includes: Phone Model, Color, Memory Capacity, Activation information(Date, Status, etc.), and Find My iPhone Status.

IMEI Lookup, Phone History, and Factory Unlocking Services. We do it all. Just get in touch and ask.

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